Friday, August 5, 2011

Health starts in your mouth

If I were to tell you that every cold you ever had, every headache and every ailment has been created by what you eat and do, would you believe me? Well it has and you probably won't.

Although you may think that it's just your bad luck that you are not feeling well, contracted some virus or sat next to someone who was filled with germs, and that is why you woke up this morning feeling like crap, the fact is that your immune system is down due to all the high corn fructose syrup, gluten, salt, food coloring, yeast, and what you have been eating all your life. In fact what you think is food is actually not.

I challenge you to change the way you eat for 30 days, eat what is natural, grows on trees and comes from the ground, do not touch bread, candy, grains, wheat, anything that comes in a box and has been altered in any way. Eat only fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds for 30 days in its natural form. and you will feel a difference in your health, guaranteed. What do have to loose but the feeling of being ill.

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