Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Nature in all of us

I am surprised that being the natural beings that we are that people are so prone to use synthetic and follow the unnatural ways. It is almost automatic when people are in pain, discomfort, or can't sleep for them to pop a pill, drink some sort of elixir such as Tylenol pm or NyQuil and feel this is perfectly acceptable. Well all I have to say is have they thought about the chemicals in all these potions, the side affects they are about to incur, and how about the long term use of this quick fixes, diseases just don't unexpectedly happen, we create them.

I am anti pills and anti chemicals, I believe our bodies can cure itself by providing the proper ingredients and staying out of it's way. Yesterday I had all my mercury removed, needless to say I was in severe pain once the anesthesia ran out. I knew the popping a pain med was not the answer for me, but I was literally going stir crazy with the pain. So I remembered I had Oil of Oregano in my cabinet and remembered that besides being anti fungal, viral and bacterial that it was also a pain reliever, so then I dabbed some on a Q tip and placed it on my gums, ate a ton of fruit prior to that and was able to sleep. I woke up as if nothing had happened the day before. I am still a tad bit sore but nothing to write home about. I am glad I didn't jump into the pain pill wagon and allowed nature to take it's coarse. Pain pills would have given me a horrific hangover and tons of side effects, instead I woke up fresh was able to do my morning cardio which consited of riding my bike for 10 miles followed by my gardening and later a visit to the gym to work out my quads. So moral of the story, lets tap into our natural state and we will lead healthy productive lives beyond our imagination.

Recipe of the Day:

cantaloupe soup
cut up cantaloupe into chunks 3 Lb worth
take 2-3 cups of cantaloupe, 3 celery stalks, 2 dates, stevia drops 16 and blend in a blender until creamy.

take a bowl and add 8 oz of raw spinach, the 3 lbs of cantaloupe and pour the ingredients that are inside the blender on to the bowl.


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