Monday, October 17, 2011

Food Addictions

Have you ever wondered why you feel so weak when it comes to the eating department? You seem pretty strong on all other fronts in life, but when it comes to food, your weak in the knees. Well wonder no more it's not your fault, you are not lacking valor, strength or even will power as you have thought all along. In fact all these crazy craving you get stem from a few different things. The number one reason is you are depriving your cells of nutrients, the food you are eating is void of vitamins, minerals, fiber, water and all the components that provide nutrition, there full of fuel, plenty of calories but they are shooting blanks in the nutrient department. Second you have visitors lurking with in, yes I know sounds kinda creepy, well it is most people walk around with parasites that literally tell you what you should eat. If you think I've lost my marbles, think again. When you crave something don't you feel like something is commanding you to eat it, you literally have no control over your thoughts, well there is someone controlling them and they love fat, high sugary foods and everything that is bad for you. They are addicts and will do anything to get you to pump in that dead fuel. Besides the creepy parasites and lack of nutrients, there are ingredients in your foods such as high corn fructose syrup that bring out the eating monsters. Try eliminating foods with this ingredient and you will soon see you are not as hungry as you think you are. Although eliminating HCFS is not going to solve all your problems, it is a start, and while you are at it, visit the produce section of your store and load up on fresh juicy fruits and veggies, your body and mind will thank you.

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